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Meanings of Colour

Colours in General Floristry

Black: Mourning and sickness. Night, sin, evil, and the absence of God.
Black & white together: Humanity & purity of life.
Blue: Dignity, hope, royalty, sea, heaven, baptim. A quiet and cool colour. Not a good night colour and should be used carefully.
Gold: the sun and triumph.
Green: has both the cheerfulness of yellow and the coolness of blue. A restful colour and also the colour of spring, of new life, beginner, faith, the tree of life.
Grey: Humility.
Pink: Boldness.
Purple: Kingship.
Orange: Has great warmth and decorative value. Not as bright as yellow or as aggressive as red. Tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit.
Violet: Sorrow and penitence. May be either warm or cool depending on the amount of red or blue in it.
Red: Love, passion, fire, zeal and joy. A positive, cheerful, stimulating colour.
Red Carnations: symbol of the Communist Party.
Silver: Prince of Peace, moon, stars.
Violet: Sorrow, sin, mourning and penitence.
White: Purity, light and innocence (hence the traditional white flowers for brides.)
White: in Asia, sorrow and respect.
Yellow: The sun, light. A positive, cheerful colour, friendship. Son of Righteousness, Jesus.
Yellow: in Asia, Love and Joy.
Yellow: On Continent, jealousy.